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Lemaitre, Georges - Homogenous universe of constant mass and increasing radius - 03



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March 1931 – Homogenous universe of constant mass and increasing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extra galactic nebulae – Abbe G Lemaitre [translated from Annales de la Societe scientifique de Bruxelles Tome XLVII serie A]

We have found a solution such that:

  • The mass of the universe is a constant related to the cosmological constant by Einstein’s equation.
  • The radius of the universe increases without limit
  • The receding velocities of extra galactic nebulae are a cosmical effect of the expansion of the universe

This solution combines the advantages of the Einstein and de Sitter solutions.

Note that the largest part of the universe is for ever out of our reach.

It is impossible to see ghost images of nebulae or suns, as even if there were no absorption these images would be displaced by several octaves into the infra-red and would not be observed.

It remains to find the cause of the expansion of the universe.

In a static universe Light emitted by matter travels round space, comes back to its starting point and accumulates indefinitely.  It seems that this may be the origin of the velocity of expansion.

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Lemaître, Georges

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