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Songs of Embracing Singularity in Embryonic Breathing



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Translated in Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

Songs of Embracing Singularity in Embryonic Breathing

The origin of a human's life is nothing else but Yuan Qi. 
If (you) know where the Original Qi resides, then (you) are not too far from the Great Dao (Da Dao).
Lao Zi said: "Millions of objects, are all Embracing Singularity (Bao Yi) and live. There is no object which does not conceal the Yin and embrace the Yang."
If (you) do not know how to embrace singularity, then it will be hard to become intimate with the Dao.
This is because the Dao originates from the singularity.
What is the singularity?
It is the Qi mother.
Qis are united and formed into the embryo.
Once this embryo is conceived, breathing begins.
Two Xuans all have their own purposes.
Therefore, the classic says:
"When it is in the mother's womb, there is an embryo without breathing. (This embryo) borrows the mother's breathing to grow its body. After the spirits are separated, then there is an Embryonic Breathing."
Those who are learning the Dao must know the theories of the embryo and the breathing and ponder their delicate marvelousness.
If one is able to reach this original root, then he can become extraordinary and verify the holiness.
When a normal person holds breath, the embryo is not firmed.
When a holy man retains his embryo, (he) does not firm his breath.
When the breath is held, the chest is full and the Qi becomes chaos.

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