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Pauli, Wolfgang - Dream of October 1949



Type of Spiritual Experience


Pauli clearly understood that there was strong scientific and academic opposition in some circles to his ideas about ‘quantum mysticism’. Marin's suspicions that Pauli was the one who "ignited" the mysticism controversy is given credence, by pointing to a dream that Pauli had in October 1949.

In the dream:

 - He ran away from a rebirth experience, but achieved purification via the symbolic burning of his colleagues .

 - He could have chosen ascension.

 - The Nobel prize is just an allegory for treasure, this is a spiritual dream not a literal one

 - Garage = place for means of transport

 - the light-dark "stranger." is his Higher spirit; Black and White balanced

A description of the experience

I am with colleagues on one of the upper floors of a house where a local conference on mathematics and physics is being held. I see that under my name a course of cookery is announced: ‘Start; December 15.'

Surprised, I ask a young man near me why the course begins so late in the year. He answers, "Because then the Nobel Prize will be granted."

Now I notice that a fire has been started in an adjacent room. I take fright (affect), run down a staircase along many floors (hurrying-panic). Finally I succeed in getting outside.

Looking back, I see that two floors of the house, where the colleagues were gathered are burnt down.

I walk across the level ground and enter the garage. I see that a taxi is waiting for me and that the taxi driver fills the tank with petrol.

I look more closely, I recognize "him," the light-dark "stranger." Immediately I feel secure. Probably he has lighted the fire," I think without saying it aloud. He says to me quietly, "Now we can refuel, because upstairs there has been a fire. I will take you where you belong!"

He then drives off.

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Pauli, Wolfgang

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