Symbols - What does heaven look like



Nataraja (Sanskrit: Lord of the Dance) in a ring of fire.

A symbol used principally within religious institutions, but interpreted incorrectly by them. 

When one dies, the functions that were used to support a physical existence such as the need to pee and poo are indeed purged from us, as are all the learnt functions and memoryPerceptions stay with us.

Since our Soul rises through the vibrational levels and layers on death, the 'purging' that takes place is at a higher level than Earth, normally it appears to take place at the Fire level.

It is untrue that souls are condemned to purgatory for eternity, after death all soul functions are eliminated to all intents and purposes and we become our Higher spirit.

Note that if one is on the spiritual path, this process takes place duing life, and may be part of a rebirth experience.

For more information see Why are we here.



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