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Rolle, Richard - Incendium Amoris - On Divine love



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Again the Google translation of the Latin leaves much to be desired

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Richard Rolle - Incendium Amoris

[Divine love] transforms us, to the effect that it firmly roots in our hearts its own likeness......

[It drives] the love of fire, of fire to souls, that they may be shining; and the wind cleans them from all the dregs of sin.

[Divine love] forces us to mentally understand the choice - one of which is fire, burning, tirelessly, and the other is death in life.

Accordingly, we consider that any adversity we would gladly bear.

[Divine love ] rejoices as the apples of the mind are lost.

 [Divine love] soothes with poison, and seeks joy in the creature, it kills.

No wonder that in such a divine love it seems that a mortal man, is very much taken prisoner, .... in a way, life may seem impenetrable, as all fear of death departs. 


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Rolle, Richard

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