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Zosimos of Panopolis - The Mushaf as-suwar - 1st Book of Truth Killed and cut into pieces, divided and cut into fragments till he decayed



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The 1st book of the Mushaf as-suwar – The Book of Truth [The dream about the man of copper: end of folio 6b/7b]

Theosebeia said: "Then show me how they scattered it."
He said: "Did I not explain to you in the great dream (ru'ya) I saw, that the killed one was cut into pieces, and that the two hands were cut up, and the fingers were cut up joint by joint, and vein by vein, and that the bones and veins were pounded until it became like very fine dust. What I am telling you about this dream corresponds to the statement of Agathodaimon, who said: 'Pound and cook, and pound and cook, and repeat it, and do not be impatient, and repeat it.' For the work on these things at the beginning of the mixing, the cooking, the soaking, the roasting, the heating, the whitening, the pounding, the roasting, the vaporisation, the rusting and the dyeing are one. If Agathodaimon had known that one pounding, one cooking and one soaking would be enough for it, he would not have repeated what he said. However, he repeated the statement 'pound and cook', in order to cook it many times and not be impatient, and in order to disguise it from those who did not know these names.

My lady, if I wanted to hold anything back from you, it would have been enough for me to tell you that in my dream I had just found a killed man.

But I informed you that he had been killed and cut into pieces, and divided and cut into fragments till he decayed."

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Zosimos of Panopolis

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