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Rig Veda - Death



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is describing what happens on death.  The mortal soul is consumed by flame in the Fire level as unwanted and unnneeded function is removed.  Note that there is no mention of Hell - a purely [Christian] Church based invention.

This is the blue route - the path of reincarnation, as opposed to the red route and the path of no reincarnation.  If the red route had been followed for this person and the spiritual path, consummation by figurative flames would have taken place in life and the person would have already been through Fire and found their higher spirit.

Recycling of energy is mentioned - as this unwanted function is given back to the 'wind'.

He also joins with his 'team' - totem group


A description of the experience

The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Do not burn him entirely, Agni, or engulf him in your flames.  Do not consume his skin or his flesh.  When you have cooked him perfectly, o knower of creatures, only then send him forth to the fathers.

When you cook him perfectly, o knower of creatures, then give him over to the fathers.  When he goes on the path that leads away the breath of life, then he will be led by the will of the gods

To the dead man
May your eye go to the sun, your life’s breath to the wind.  Go to the sky or to earth, as is your nature; or go to the waters, if that is your fate.  Take root in the plants with your limbs

To Agni
The goat is your share; burn him with your heat.  Let your brilliant light and flame burn him.  With your gentle forms, o knower of creatures, carry this man to the world of those who have done good deeds

 Set him free again to go to the fathers, Agni, when he has been offered as an oblation in you and wanders with the sacrificial drink.  Let him reach his own descendants dressing himself in a life span.  O knower of creatures, let him join with a body.

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Rig veda, the

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