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Jung, C G - The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature - Harlequin



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C G Jung – The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature

Harlequin is a tragically ambiguous figure, even though – as the initiated may discern – he already bears on his costume the symbols of the next stage of development.  He is indeed the hero who must pass through the perils of Hades, but will he succeed?

That is a question I cannot answer.  Harlequin gives me the creeps – he is too reminiscent of that ‘motley fellow, like a buffoon’ in Zarathustra who jumped over the unsuspecting rope dancer and thereby brought about his death…..

Who the buffoon is, is made plain as he cries out to the rope dancer, his weaker alter ego ‘To one better than yourself you bar the way!’ He is the greater personality who bursts the shell, and this shell is sometimes the brain.

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Jung, Carl Gustav

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