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Zohar - I 050b – Sacrifice and the making of a ‘god’



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This is all figurative, there was never any intention that it should mean a literal sacrifice.

Marc Chagall - Sacrifice of Isaac

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Zohar I 50b [translated by Gershom Scholem] – Sacrifice and the making of a ‘god’

In this we see the mystery of the sacrifice.  The rising smoke kindles the blue light, which then joins itself to the white light, whereupon the entire candle is wholly kindled, alight with a single unified flame.

As it is the nature of the blue light to demolish whatever comes into touch with it from beneath, therefore if the sacrifice be acceptable and the candle wholly kindled, then, as with Elijah, "the fire of the Lord descends and consumes the burnt-offering" {I Kings r8:38}, and this reveals that the chain is perfected, for then the blue light cleaves to the white light above, while at the same time consuming the fat and flesh of the burnt-offering beneath, nor can it consume what is below, except it rise and join itself to the white light.

At such time, peace reigns in all worlds, and all together form a unity.

The blue light having devoured ever thing beneath, the priests, the Levites, and the laity gather at its base with singing and meditation and with prayer, while above them the lamp glows, the lights are merged into a unity, worlds are illumined, and above and below, all are blessed.

Therefore it is written "ye, even while cleaving to the Lord your God, are alive every one of you this day' The word atem {you} is here preceded by the letter vav {and}, which indicates that while the fat and flesh cleaving to the flame are devoured by it, you who cleave to it are yet alive.

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