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Samavedas – Book 03 Chapter 01, VIII Indra



Type of Spiritual Experience


The Dadheech Brahmins are a subgroup of Brahmins who are the descendants of Rishi Dadhichi, who is said to have given his bones to Indra for making of the vajra, the mythological weapon created to kill the demon vritra/virtrasur.

Vritras are demons

This is largely about purification as part of, or prior to a kundalini experience – the need to remove demons and kundalini as a means of purification

A description of the experience

Samavedas – Book 03 Chapter 01, VIII Indra

Armed with the bones of dead Dadhyach
Indra, with unresisted might
The nine and ninety Vritras slew.

He, searching for the horse’s head
that in the mountains lay concealed,
Found it in Saryandvdn lake

Then straight they recognised
the mystic name of the creative Steer
There in the mansion of the Moon

The source of the experience

Samaveda, the

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