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The Book of Taliesin - The Battle Of the Trees - 06



Type of Spiritual Experience


Not of mother and father was I made = Higher spirit

I was enchanted by Math = the Word

A description of the experience

Taliesin - The Battle Of Goddeu/The Trees

Not of mother and father was I made,
Did my Creator create me.

Of nine-formed faculties,
Of the fruit of fruits,
Of the fruit of the primordial God,
Of primroses and blossoms on the hill,
Of the earth, of an earthly course,
When I was formed,
Of the flower nettles,
Of the water of the ninth wave.

I was enchanted by Math,
Before I became immortal,

I was enchanted by Gwydyon
The great purifier of the Brithon,
Of Eurwys, of Euron,
Of Euron, of Modron.
Of five battalions of scientific ones,
Teachers, children of Math.

When the removal occurred,
I was enchanted by the Guledig.

When he was half-burnt,
I was enchanted by the sage
Of Sages, in the primitive world.

When I had a being;
When the host of the world was in dignity,
The bard was accustomed to benefits.

To the song of praise I am inclined, which the tongue recites.

The source of the experience


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