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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - Spiritual path



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All allegorical.  More stages are described in Aurora, but this is basically about the spiritual path and alchemy in its spiritual meaning.  Aurora means dawn.

The 'chymist' in this may be a hierophant or the High Priestess [or a spirit helper].

As much of this stage requires a rewrite of memory and a complete clear out of all demons and r=ubbish I have added this as an activity

A description of the experience

Jacob Boehme – Aurora – Chapter 22

97  In this sixth melting I hold to be the greatest danger for  chymists about the  preparing of their silver and. gold. For there belongeth to it, and is required for it, a very subtile fire, and it may soon be burnt or made dead or deaf; and it becometh very dim or blind if the fire be too cold.

98  For it must be a middle or mild fire; to keep the spirit in the heart from rising it must be gently simmering, then it getteth a very sweet and meek ringing sound, and continually rejoiceth, as if it would now be kindled again in the light of God.

99  But if the fire be too hot in the fifth and sixth meltings, then the new life, which hath generated itself in the love in the rising up of the light's power out of the water, is kindled again in the fierceness in the wrath-fire, and the mineral ore becomes a burnt scum and dross and the alchymist hath dirt instead of gold.

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Boehme, Jacob

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