Symbols - What does heaven look like


Fire is both a concept and a symbol.  It is one of the vibrational  levels and layers that go to make up the Egg.  As can be seen from the diagram below it can be found between the vibrational levels of Aether and Air.  It is separated from the Aether level by the Abyss – a sort of sink hole allowing circulation of energy.

The vibrational levels of Fire, Air, Water and Earth together constitute what is sometimes called the Outward court and in Neoplatonic terms is called the World soul.


Its role is that of a protective barrier – analogously like a computer firewall and in any form of spiritual experience it is indeed a formidable barrier.  It appears variously like a black impenetrable layer of Cloud and occasionally as a wall – with flames or not. When it appears as a Wall – we see the symbolism of the Wall too.

For more details please see the concept Fire


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