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Means of transport


This is a terrible play on words but is accurate. 

When one has a spiritual experience – is ‘transported’ one often perceives oneself in some form of vehicle or on an animal

Thus one can see oneself in a car or train, a boat or a bus, or riding a horse or a bird.  A means of transport is an indicator of out of body or visionary travel.

Riding on something is different to becoming something.  Thus if you feel yourself to be a bird or an animal this is not a means of transport it has completely different symbolism.

People do not, for example,  become chariots.  They ride chariots and they may see chariots, but they do not become chariots. 

On the other hand if you become something – a bird or animal for example, you are perceiving yourself as a person with characteristics similar to the animal or bird you have become.  This is technically speaking shape shifting.


All the means of transport have their own symbolism and are constructed for us according to our ideas of what a suitable form of transport would be.  Thus we might see a car or a train for example or we might even be in a plane.  Every means of transport has a symbolic meaning attached to it which may be personal or universal in its symbolism.  Boats, planes, trains, arks, baskets, carpets, cars, chariots, saucers, ferries, bicycles – all may have their own meaning and symbolism.

The table below provides a summary with links, but is not an exhaustive list, if you do not see the means of transport in the list try the symbol section


Ark [boat]




Crib or cradle



Flying carpet


Magic carpet

Plane [air]








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