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The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Beneath the tree with beautiful leaves where Yama drinks with the gods, there our father, the head of the family, turns with longing to the ancient ones

Reluctantly I looked upon him as he turned with longing to the ancient ones, as he moved on that evil way.  I longed to have him back again

In your mind, my son, you made a new chariot without wheels, which had only one shaft but can travel in all directions and unseeing you climbed into it.

My son, when you made the chariot roll forth from the priests there rolled after it a chant that was placed from there upon a ship

Who gave birth to the boy?  Who made the chariot roll out?  Who could tell us today how the gift for the journey was made?

How was the gift for the journey made?  The beginning rose from it; first they made the bottom, and then they made the way out

This is the dwelling place of Yama, that is  called the home of the gods.  This is his reed pipe that is blown and he is adorned with songs

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Rig veda, the

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