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Braveheart - The hill and the plain



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I am standing on flat featureless ground. It is dark. I am holding the Orb/Mace as one would hold a lollipop. The fat end glows and casts light some small distance around. There are red embers of a fire by which stands the red-haired woman dressed in a long blue coat. She is looking at me expectantly.

To one side a rocky scree slopes up at sharp angle. I look to the top of this and see the cloaked figure with featureless head/face standing at the top facing us. His shape is silhouetted against what looks like starlight.

A humming sound arises and gets louder. From the darkness comes what looks like a golf cart driven by a young thin man with a shock of blond hair. Sitting in the back are two women. One is young with long golden hair, green eyes and fine features wearing a yellow and white flowing robe. The other is older with cropped black hair and dark red lips wearing a black figure-hugging dress.

The golf cart stops and the three get out of it. The two women stare at the red-haired woman. The young man busies himself with the fire, which burns more brightly. The three women seem as if they are related somehow to a common man – this is a feeling I have.

They turn to me, all of them looking expectant. I sense that I must climb the scree and confront the cloaked figure. I turn and climb slowly. As I get higher it becomes harder and harder to climb as if my limbs were becoming dead.

I reach a point just before the top in front of the figure. I sense great vulnerability from its menace and its being just above me. I have a long way to tumble back. I raise my right hand in which I am clutching the Orb/Mace. Its light radiates and seems to make the ornate cloak of the figure paler.

I am aware that the red-haired woman and the younger golden-haired woman are now just behind me. I point the Orb/Mace forward and force myself up the last steps to the figure. I get to the top: the figure has gone. I see below me a plain stretching into the distance. It is flat but with columns like tree-trunks standing vertically here and there.

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