Symbols - What does heaven look like

Tree trunk

Tree trunks are usually portals, but they are special kinds of portals.  They may be based on our perceptions.  Thus our perceptions are the portal out of our mind!  They take some of their symbolism from a pun – log = log of events.

The alternative and far more prosaic symbolism is also based on a pun - the trunk is the trunk of our bodies and thus the tree is our spine with all its nerve branches  - still however a portal.

Trees which are portals often have doors in them or windows through which the person is able to climb which gives them access to a hollow core enabling them to go up and down.

In the following painting from Rene Magritte  - La Voix du Sang – the symbolism is extremely vivid.  The portal gives access to a place of Light and he also uses the symbolism of the Egg possibly meaning that this portal gives access to the Egg – probably the rest of the Egg.


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