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Huangdi Neijing - Suwen short extracts



Type of Spiritual Experience


Tastes = approximately desires as well as hurt

A description of the experience

Huangdi Neijing - Suwen

The yang qi is like the sun in heaven.  When it loses its place, life is broken and the beings no longer shine.  Whether the heavenly influx is regularly distributed depends on the solar radiance. 


 Thus the yang soars upwards and ensures defence at the exterior


Water is yin and fire is yang.  Yang makes the qi and yin makes the tastes.  The tastes return to the body form, the form returns to the qi.  The qi returns to the essences, the essences return to the transformations


The qi produce the body form.  The tastes injure the body form.  The qi injure the essences.  The essences through transformations, make qi.  The qi are injured by the tastes

The source of the experience

Huangdi Neijing

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