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Dao de Jing – Chapter 10



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Dao de Jing – Chapter 10

Translated in Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

When bearing and managing the Po [mortal soul] and embracing it to a singularity, can it be not separating?

When concentrating the Qi to reach its softness, can it be as soft as a baby?

When cleansing the thought to reach its purity, can it be no flaw?

When loving the people and ruling the country, can it be no ruling?

The opening and closing of the Heaven Gate, can it be calm and tender as a female?

To comprehend and reach the four directions can it be known withour knowing?

When bearing and raising, bear without keeping it to self, raising without being meritorious, leading without controlling, then this is the way of profound natural virtue

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