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Symbols - What does heaven look like

Mother and Father


Everything in the spirit world is organised around classes of things – Spirit Entities – and those Spirit Entities consist of the Class Name [see Names] and  the Functions that are part of that class. 

All Spirit Entities can create subtypes of themselves and they are organised into an Intelligence hierarchy. The following hugely simplistic diagram shows the principle of the Entity hierarchy.


The letters are Functions.  The top level contains all function [Ultimate Intelligence].  At the next level down the functions have been divided, with a certain number of shared functions between each Intelligence/Entity.  Only at the lowest level of the hierarchy are copies of the species or class made and physical beings or things result.  Note that this is the Tree of life with its leaves.

Every Entity without exception is both a Creator and the Created.  To use an analogy, if spirit is software, then the Package creator and the package created are one.  At every level therefore there is a Creator and Created.  So called 'Nature' is a subset of this hierarchy.

Symbolically in this context the Creator is Masculine and the Created is Feminine, this symbolism is used because of the perceived nature of the roles.  The Created is the holder of the potential for physical beings. In effect the 'Masculine' [and intellectual] Software package developer creates a Border collie package, for example, and the 'Feminine' border collie package then, every so often, sends down copies of the border collie functions to new physical border collies, she becomes a Mother and the Border collie package developer becomes a Father.

There is not therefore one Mother and one Father.  For every species and type of thing in the universe there is symbolically a Mother and a Father - a conjoined pairing that produces copies of itself. 

Mother and Father in different cultures

Please see the extra section Mother and Father in different cultures which goes into some detail

The Great Mother and the Great Father

The highlands of Central Anatolia in Turkey in the region of Phrygia are mountainous with very rugged terrain.  The religious traditions in this area are equally fierce and the religions here had an influence over the Greeks and probably the Egyptians too. The Great Mother [Magna mater] was recognised well before Christ, and the original Kybele was the name given to this symbolic role.  To understand this, we have to go back to the hierarchy.  If every Intelligence is both symbolically Mother and Father, there is in a sense a hierarchy of gradually more functionally powerful Mothers and Fathers.  The Ultimate Intelligence is thus the most powerful Mother and Father of all and as a consequence the Ultimate Intelligence is then the Great Mother and the Great Father.

Substitute Mothers in religion

When the Judaic religions - Christianity, Judaism itself and Islam specified there is only one God and that he is male, they destroyed a set of beliefs and understandings that had been in existence for thousands of years.  With one move they removed the union of the feminine and the masculine - the equal partnership that is needed in all creative acts - not just making babies.  In prosaic physical terms it is the balancing of the left brain and right  brain functions.   We all contain within us symbolic masculine and feminine functions and to progress spiritually they have to be in balance.  Neither the feminine nor the masculine should be too strong.  At the moment we are horrendously tipped towards the masculine, which is why we seem to have a plethora of 'clever' men but not wise men.  A wise man has got in touch with his feminine and a wise woman has got in touch with her masculine.

In a desperate attempt to preserve some of the old wisdom, some figures within the Bible and in the Judaic religions have taken over the role of the Mother to try to win back some of the balance lost.  Interestingly the name is based on the Hindu generic name, some example names for the Mother role are:

  • Virgin Mary
  • MARRATU – Chaldeans
  • MERI – Syrians
  • MARIAM - Jews

Perhaps even more intriguingly, the word “Ma" is one of the mother syllables of all Indo European languages, and is defined as "intelligence – the force that bound elements together to create forms at the beginning of the world”.

The Mother, virgin birth and grain

As symbolically Mother and Father are roles and the Intelligence is one united being, there is no need for the symbolic impregnation of the Mother with the Father.  The Mother is the software package, as such she can produce little copies of herself any time she wants. This is where the symbolism of virgin birth comes from, at any time the software package that is the Border collie package can be copied to physical border collies - there is no need for a Father in the process.

The copies of the software package she produces are then symbolically seen as little raindrops or tears or grain.  The Tears of FREYA, for example, were gold raining down from above.  Freya was depicted as a virgin.

Tears of Freya (Tarot)                             Mother and Egg                                                        Kali - Mother as destroyer

Sisters and mothers and husbands

The Mother as a set of functions - the border collie package or anenome package or daffodil package or shire horse package  -  has in some senses been created by the Father role, she is thus both the symbolic Daughter and the symbolic Wife of the Father [complicated I know].  This is how the legends of daughters being born from the appendages of Fathers comes from - symbolically this is the Software package creator producing a new software package from himself.  It also gave rise to much Incest symbolism which inevitably came to be used literally.  In the Poetic Edda poem, for example, Lokasenna, Njörðr is said to have fathered his famous children by his own sister.

Mothers and the Egg

Where do all the little software copies that animate the form of physical beings come from?  Symbolically if the Created is the Mother, then they must come from the womb and thus the Egg and the womb can become symbolically synonymous.

The three roles of the Mother

We [and all physical things] are born, live, and die - physical creation of the body with its soul and Higher spirit, ongoing maintenance of the resulting body, and destruction of the body and soul, whilst preserving the Higher spirit and its perceptions.

The Creator creates new packages, the Mother manages the copies of the package.  And thus we have three activities of the Mother figure -  Creation, Maintenance and Destruction of 'soul'.  This is extremely well represented in Hindu thought where is the recognition that all three roles are needed.  Kali is the symbolic embodiment of the Mother of destruction.

Philosophies of India – Dr Heinrich Zimmer [edited by Joseph Campbell]
Is Kali, my Divine Mother, of a black complexion?  She appears black because she is viewed from a distance; but when intimately known she is no longer so.  The sky appears blue at a distance; but look at it close by and you will find that it has no colour.  The water of the ocean looks blue at a distance, but when you go near and take it in your hand, you find that it is colourless

Synonyms for Mother and Father

The Mother and Father symbolism is synonymous with a whole host of other symbols, all of which embody the concept of the union of Creator and Created.  There are thus connections here with the symbolism of the Sun and Moon as well as the Bull and Cow. 

The table below is a summary of just some of the synonymous names

















John Smith – The Platonist
barren speculation may unfold the plicatures of Truth's garment, but they cannot discover her lovely face


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