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Atharvaveda - XII 1 Hymn to goddess Earth - Part 03 Protecting the Earth from harm



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The Atharvaveda

XII 1 Hymn to goddess Earth Part 3

Thy snowy mountain heights, and thy forests, O Earth,
may they be kind to us.
The brown, the black, the red, the multi-coloured, the firm Earth,
that is protected by lndra,
I have settled upon,
I shall not destroy
I shall not harm
I shall not wound.

lnto thy middle set us, O Earth, and into thy navel,
into the nourishing strength that has grown up from thy body;
may we purify ourselves for you.
The Earth is the Mother, and I the Son of the Earth;
Paro-anya is the Father;
May he, too, save us

The Earth upon which the holy men place the altar,
upon which they, devoted to all holy works, unfold their sacrifice,
upon which are to be found the twin pillars, the sacrificial posts,
erect and brilliant,
that Earth shall help us prosper,
and we shall help Her thrive

Him that hates us, o Earth, him that battles against us,
him that is hostile towards us with his mind and his weapons,
may we fight together to overcome him
together we shall anticipate his actions by our deeds

Mortals born of thee live on Thee,
thou supportest both bipeds and quadrupeds.
To thee, O Earth, belong the five races of men, the mortals,
upon whom the rising sun
sheds undying light with his rays.

These creatures all together shall yield milk for You
O Earth, may you give us the honey of wise words

Upon the firm, broad Earth,
the all-begetting Mother of the plants,
that is supported by divine law,
upon her, propitious and kind,
may we ever pass our lives.

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