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Rig veda - The Great Mother



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Great Mother

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The Rig Veda

I move with the Rudras, with the Vasus, with the Adityas and all the gods.  I carry both Mitra and Varuna, both Indra and Agni and both of the Asvins

I carry the swelling soma and Tvastr, and Pusan and Bhaga.  I bestow wealth on the pious sacrificer who presses the soma and offers the oblation

I am the queen, the confluence of riches, the skilful one who is first among those worthy of sacrifice.  The gods divided me up into various parts, for I dwell in many places and enter into many forms

The one  who eats food, who truly sees, who breathes, who hears what is said, does so through me.  Though they  do not realise it, they dwell in me.  Listen, you whom they have  heard; what I tell you should be heeded.

I am the one who says, by myself, what gives joy to gods and men.  Whom I love I make awesome; I make him a sage, a wise man, a Brahmin.

I stretch the bow for Rudra so that his arrow will strike down the hater of prayer.  I incite the contest among the people.  I have pervaded sky and earth

I gave birth to the father on the head of this world.  My womb is in the waters, within the ocean.  From there I spread out over all creatures and touch the very sky with the crown of my head

I am the one who blows like the wind, embracing all creatures.  Beyond the sky, beyond this earth, so much have I become in my greatness

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Rig veda, the

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