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Hymn from the Stele in Memphis in front of the Temple of Hephaistos



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From Hellenistic religions:  The Age of Syncretism [translated by Frederick Grant]
From the Stele in Memphis in front of the Temple of Hephaistos

I am Isis, the mistress of every land and I was taught by Hermes and with
Hermes I devised letters, both the sacred and the demotic, that
All things might not be written the same
I gave and ordained laws for men, which no one is able to change
I am the eldest daughter of Kronos
I am wife and sister of King Osiris
I am she who findeth fruit for men
I am mother of king Horus
I am she that riseth in the Dog Star
I am she that is called the goddess by women
For me was the city of Bubastis built
I divided the earth from heaven
I showed the paths of the stars
I ordered the course of the sun and moon
I devised business in the sea
I made strong the right
I brought together woman and man
I appointed to women to bring their infants to birth in the tenth month
I ordained that parents should be loved by children
I laid punishment upon those disposed without natural affection toward their parents
I made with my brother Osiris an end to the eating of men
I revealed mysteries unto men.
I made an end to murders
I compelled women to be loved by men
I made the right to be stronger than gold and silver


I made the beautiful and the shameful to be distinguished by nature
I ordained that nothing should be more feared than an oath
I have delivered the plotter of evil against other men into the hands of the one plotted against
I established the penalties for those who practise injustice
I decreed mercy to suppliants

with me right prevails
I am the Queen of rivers and winds and sea
No one is held in honour without my knowing it
I am the Queen of war
I am the Queen of the thunderbolt
I stir up the sea and I calm it
I am the rays of the sun
I inspect the courses of the sun
Whatever I please, this too shall come to an end
With me everything is reasonable
I set free those in bonds
I am the Queen of seamanship
I make the navigable unnavigable when it pleases me
I created walls of cities
I am the Lawgiver
I brought up islands out of the depths into the light
I am the lord of rainstorms
I overcame fate
Fate harkens me
Hail, O Egypt, that nourished me


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