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Naglowska, Maria de - The Light of Sex - Overview



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Donald Traxler – Introduction to The Light of Sex

Maria de Naglowska is said to have been very psychic.  She predicted the calamity of the Second World War and in 1935 she had a dream presaging her own death.  Knowing that she was going to die, she refused to reprint The Light of Sex and the Hanging Mystery which had both sold out.  She said that nothing would be able to be done to spread her teachings for two or three generations.

Maria often expressed herself in symbolic language.  She said that an old monk gave her a piece of cardboard on which was drawn a trangle.  The first two apices of the triangle were clearly labelled to indicate the Father and Son, but the third was more indistinct.  To Maria, this third was the feminine.  Maria taught that the father represented Reason [Conscious Intellect], the Son represented the Heart [Higher spirit].

To her Christianity was an era whose end was approaching and to Maria the feminine spirit represented a New era – sex – the reconciliation of the light and dark forces

…. It is clear to me, having now read four of Naglowska’s books and most of what she wrote in her little newspaper, that she was not a Satanist.  She was a mystic, a philosopher, a poet and a superb writer…………

Naglowska said “We forbid our disciples to imagine Satan as living outside of us, for such imagining is proper to idolaters, but we recognise that this name is true”.

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Naglowska, Maria de

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