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The word Satan has taken on a whole load of meaning in various people’s hands, but that meaning has never been particularly pleasant, nor on the other hand has it been symbolically ‘correct’.

The best way to describe the symbolic meaning of satan is to tell you about the Yezidees a ‘mysterious sect’ strongest in Arabia, but at one time feared and hated by both Moslem and Christians, because it is said they were worshippers of ‘satan’.

They were said to not believe in God and ‘worship peacocks’ . They certainly revered peacocks, whose symbolism is well known.

Here we have an old photo of one of their towers.

It is a cone resting on 4 levels and layers and the cone had a gold ball at the top representing the Higher spirit, so here we have no ordinary sect, but a sect who appears to have ‘known’.

Not at all ‘satanic’ in the current meaning of the term.

They, like many very ancient cultures, do not worship ‘God’. And they do not do this because they believed that God, as the Ultimate Intelligence was beyond their comprehension.

I will quote from an old book I found:
well we of course also believe in God but the difference is that we know God is so far away that we can have no contact with Him – and He, on His part, has no knowledge or interest of any sort in human affairs.”

 And it appears that the Yezidees instead recognised what they called the 7 Bright Spirits – the 7 Intelligences that were formed out of the Ultimate Intelligence – Intelligences that the Yezidees were led to believe had a somewhat closer affinity to our planet. And the 7 bright spirits were what we today know as the [symbolic] Planets.

The correct name for the highest Intelligence of these was Shaitan and the words which became associated with shaitan were khaitan [thread] and shait [arrow] and Shaitan was to be found beyond the Fire, and fire was thus sacred.

Shaitan was thus Saturn.

More important details of Satan's role in relation to the Spiritual path and Judgement are provided under the heading of the Right hand.



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