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Delville, Jean - Satan's treasures



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This truly beautiful painting is enormous. It is given pride of place in the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts, well lit and well placed so that you can see it from afar and close to. It is a stunning picture.

Satan is Saturn.  This is explained in my section on symbols.  Saturn [an Intelligence]  is acting as a guide leading souls in bliss to the higher levels of the aether and through the fire level.  He has “a wild, fiery head of hair” – hair is symbolic, curls are symbolic, red is symbolic. 

According to the totally misinformed he has “ huge red tentacles instead of wings” – this is a spiral or tunnel through which he is leading the enlightened to the aether level. 

Nakedness is symbolic.  Here the descriptions from art critics are at least factual “The nude bodies of these figures appear orange and yellow in reproductions, but in the original they are a subtle mixture of acid pinks and yellows, highlighted with touches of green. They lie transfixed in the centre of a luxuriant coral reef, surrounded by coins, jewels and strange fish. Beyond the reef one can see vast vistas filled with jagged rock formations, and painted in shades of orange, yellow and brown

Fish are symbolic, jewels are symbolic, coins are symbolic, water is symbolic,  and the picture also has pearls also symbolic. 

It is allegory of enlightenment.

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Delville, Jean

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