Symbols - What does heaven look like


Nakedness is a symbol of being spirit and not physical it is the opposite of having Clothes.

A person who is spiritually far advanced or out of body often perceives themselves to be naked. More spirit than soul.

Nakedness is also a state of mind.   People who have reached this stage on the spiritual path, usually don’t feel themselves to be a part of any one group of people, but simply a person like any other person.  Thus the composer figuratively strips them of all ‘badges’ – clothes, hairstyles, decoration etc which might  show some affiliation with a religion or racial or national bond. 

They are not ‘an anything’, they are simply a person, part of the whole.  In the Jain religion for example, this fact is celebrated by the digambaru monks – the ‘sky clad’ who literally adopt this state as a celebration of their state.  It is also represented in numerous statues from Greek, to Buddhist, to ancient cultures.


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