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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Braveheart - A long shamanic journey



Type of Spiritual Experience


The following full length transcript is extremely good at showing the landscape and events that one may get on a shamanic flight.  The person concerned and I did the interpretation together after the event via email.  As the description is quite long, I have placed the possible interpretation within the text itself.  It is in italics.

A description of the experience

I am sitting on a warm large rock on the side of a rocky slope that overlooks a green valley. I can see a road with a stone wall threading along the valley side. Warm rain falls and the valley seems misty. I float up and start forward slowly always keeping about ten metres above the ground. My flight-path traces the road. Below me a large black hole appears in the middle of a group of buildings. It seems to be the entrance to something down below the surface.

As usual I am apprehensive. Without volition I slowly descend and find myself confronting the red-haired woman. It was meant that I should do this since I did not propel myself. We are enclosed in a dark space. I am aware that we are surrounded by seating as in a circular amphitheatre.
A  word pun - circus, spectacle, theatre, show,.  So 'show'  might then mean 'show' as in 'show me' or 'we will show you'.

We stand on what seems to be a dance floor. It is dark. I see the outline of the woman against a faint back-light. Her hair is long and full and curls up at the ends. She has a curvy figure. She is wearing a raincoat tied around the waist.
Rain is symbolic.  Curls, as in 'the little girl who had a little curl', are symbolic too

She opens the coat. As she does so a bright light shines on the opening. It is pure white, no features. She grows in size until the bright white opening in her coat fills my vision. I move towards the brightness and enter a room
A person as a portal.  The guardian and guide to other places - angel as portal .  White is the symbolic of purity

 In the room are three figures each in decreasing size.
Three has all sorts of meanings, but usually it is the way the spiritual realm is divided in the egg. ...Sun, Moon, Stars   etc etc  Alternatively the ‘Three wise men’

They stand around what seems to be a jewelled gold casket on the floor. The tallest figure bends down to open the casket then stands up. The next reaches into the casket and brings out what looks like a lollipop emitting a kind of radiation.
Treasure as in all hero stories.  There are a number of possibilities, it might be the thyrsus, or a key or a pun based on lollipop

The figure holding it floats towards a window. I follow. The figure in front and me behind start the familiar speeding up into the air always keeping equidistant. We both suddenly turn upwards towards billowy clouds. We enter one of the clouds and find ourselves in a similar room. The scene outside the window shows that we are in a large ornate building (familiar theme).
Palace - important palace in the air level?  Or castle in the air?

The figure is the red-haired woman. Her hair is tied each side looking strange – like two pony tails.
Pun again - bunches, 'angel wings'

She is wearing a long blue coat reaching the ground.
Blue is pure spirit.  

She turns to the door. It opens and a number of dark beings enter – I’ve seen their sort before, humanoid and featureless.
The woman raises her arms up and back then down and the coat falls to the ground. She falls slowly backward until she is prone on the floor, legs akimbo.
Pun Spring forward, fall backward?  Clock change?  Time?

I am alarmed that the beings intend to violate her so I interpose myself standing between her legs, my back to her. The beings move around and spread out facing me. The atmosphere is menacing.
Maybe she is threatened by destructive forces  - look at the tarot card for the Magus - Crowley - in the background he  is threatened by dark beings too. 

As a being advances it is repelled by what seems to be a force field that surrounds me. Other beings advance and are similarly repelled. They stop jostling and  move in an orderly line towards the door and one by one go out – like a line of soldiers. The woman is no longer there.
Challenge successfully completed. 

I am anxious to find her. I feel the need to ask someone or something where to go to do that. I move out through the door of the room and float along a corridor with rooms each side, their doors open. I pass a number of scenes, looking left and right.
Portal.  Alice in Wonderland, the section where she enters the rabbit hole and falls, as she goes she floats very slowly down passing pictures and images on her way - it is a very commonly seen image - a tunnel or corridor or shaft [portal] with images on the side.

A figure sits cross-legged on the floor with a large open book on one side and an abacus on the other. Each of the figure’s hands first rests on each then clap together in a rhythm: hands on objects, clap, hands on objects, clap….
Abacus = counting, numbers, Book=– letters words

Two figures sit on the floor facing each other with a large log between them. They each hold the end of a saw and pull/push backwards and forwards cutting through it.
So many visual puns!!!!
Saw may well simply mean 'saw', but  I think it might mean 'cut'

Log = as in ship's log, a record of events, the thought  tower,

A young woman wearing a dark red beret, dark red coat and sunglasses is sitting side on at a café table with a yacht marina in the background. She is talking to an unseen companion saying “Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will…”over and over.
The beret seems to be a symbol of revolution - dramatic change or rebels like Bonnie and Clyde.  Red in this context may simply serve to reinforce the idea of revolutionary change.

Yacht marina = haven - safe haven?
Maybe the goddess responsible for the revolution that is about to take place needs or has found a safe haven, but has to keep on reporting back to headquarters that she will get it done in time she will , she will, she won't let them down....

An older woman and a young man each sit naked massaging their feet and each rocking backwards and forwards. In the background is a seascape.

Another visual pun!!!
Feet = soul, shoes = body covering, so naked feet = disembodied soul;
Massage = medical/health/cure?
Rocking = rhythm = music = mechanism  ?
Sea is symbolic too

The scenes continue, all involving figures, one or two, in rhythmic movement.

I push open a door at the end of the corridor

Next portal

and am in a grand room with shadowy figures all round the sides.

Shadow is our world the world of the body - so you are seeing real human beings looking on - maybe these people are people we know and they know too

In the centre is standing a cloaked figure. A familiar ornate cloak and featureless head/face.

Same as in the vision a few days ago?

I ask where to find the red-haired woman. The figure replies "She is far away - too far for you to go. Give up your quest, you will never succeed."

A feeling of repulsion and disgust comes over me. Also a feeling of defiance. I propel myself towards the figure and plough straight through it. Everything changes and I feel as if I am sleeping with my head on the woman's breasts.

I wake up face down on my pillows. At first I wonder if I am still on my journey. Little by little my real bedroom materialises.

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