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Braveheart - Steam cleaned and broccoli



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The journey starts with a fierce jet of what seems like steam being directed to different parts of my body in a systematic way. There is no heat or cold but the pressure is felt. The jet is directed by two beings: one hovering above the other. Each being is completely black and obviously humanoid. I feel the jet in my face and on my legs and arms. I am naked. I sense that the jet stops and I am surrounded by a white fog.

I look down and my skin glistens with a honey colour contrasting with the white. My feet are not on the ground: I am suspended. As soon as I see this I begin to fall going down faster and faster. I raise my arms and become very elongated. My lowest extremity curls up and I snake about violently through the white fog going up and down and around in all ways. The fog suddenly clears and it is warm and bright.

I come to a gentle drift and descend onto a thick green mantle like broccoli. Below the top of the mantle is a large ornate metal box bigger than a coffin. I try to open the box. It is locked. I know that I have to find the key. I dive inside the mantle. It is like swimming underwater through green weeds. After some time doing this I rise to the top of the mantle and find myself in a huge room or hall with heavy wooden tables and chairs. I open drawers looking for the key. I come to the end of the room where I find a being sitting on what seems like a throne. It is obviously humanoid in shape and is covered in a long cape of very intricate and bright design. I sense the head and eyes but can’t see them. There is no sound.. I ask for the key although I can’t hear any speech.

I feel that I must embrace and kiss the being in order to get the answer. I think it repulsive and there is a battle within me. Finally I fling my arms around the being who instantly disappears. My forward momentum propels me towards a window through which I crash. I fall downwards and I see the mantle below with the box glowing bright yellow. The key is in my hand and I fly effortlessly down to the box and open its lid. There is a vision of you asleep with a white wolf curled up at the foot of your bed. I know it is a wolf almost before I see it, so I must have been expecting it. I seem to hover horizontally above you then float down to cover you with my body. I look to each side and see tree trunks. ….. The white fog returns and I seem to fly a few feet above the green mantle towards the journey’s end

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