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Mircea Eliade - Rebirth In the cave of the Reindeer woman



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Mircea Eliade – Shamaism:  Archaic techniques of Ecstasy

From the cave of the Reindeer-Woman the initiate went to another mountain with another cave.  In it he met a naked man working a bellows.  The man caught him, ‘cut off his head, chopped his body into pieces’ and threw everything into a cauldron.  He suffered death and dismemberment.  His body ‘boiled in the cauldron for 3 years’.  Later the man put the shaman’s bones together again and covered them with flesh.  He changed his eyes and that is why, when he shamanises, he does not see with his bodily eyes but with his mystical eyes.  He pierced his ears, making him able to understand the language of plants

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Siberian shamanism

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