Symbols - What does heaven look like


The bellows [of the Smith] combines a number of symbols. It is from this symbolism that much of the symbolism surrounding the Smith is based.  The first symbol is that of Wind or the Breath of Life as a generic symbol for Spirit Input.  

The next part of the symbolism involves the shape and for this we need to go back to the Hourglass.

Here we see the generic diagram showing the cool blue energy being received through the neck of the cone of energy.

Our cone is at the bottom.

And what does it look like, [if you stretch the imagination] bellows blowing ‘air’ into a cone.

We are the cone of course, each one of us is that cone of energy.  Our neck is then the spout of the bellows

So the ‘Smith’ is either our Higher Spirit or one of the Intelligences.


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