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Buhlman, William - Adventures beyond the body - October 2, 1982



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William Buhlman  - Adventures beyond the body

Journal Entry, October 2, 1982

I hear the buzzing, engine like sounds and will myself out-of-body. I step to the bedroom door and automatically request "Clarity now!" My vision improves and I step through the door, into the living room. Still feeling a little out of sync, I verbally repeat my request with more emphasis, "Clarity now!" I feel my awareness and vision snap into place.  My thoughts are clear and I make a verbal demand, "I need to see the form I'm in now!”

Instantly I feel an intense sensation of being drawn within myself. I'm suddenly different, weightless as though I'm floating in space. As I look forward I see a sparkling, bluish white form. For some reason,  I seem to know that I'm looking at my non physical body from a different perspective.

I stare in amazement at this form before me that shines and flows with energy and light. It looks like an energy mould created from a million tiny points of light; it radiates a bluish glow but appears to have a defined outer structure. The body of light before me is naked and is identical to my physical form.  Even though my body looks firm, there is a noticeable energy motion and radiation present. I can see what appears to be an ocean of blue stars throughout my body. It's difficult to describe because the stars are stable, yet moving at the same time; the light and energy of my body appear to change and flow almost like the waves of an ocean.

As I stare at the body of light, it hits me that I must be in another body. Yet I can't perceive any form or substance; I'm like a viewpoint in space without shape or form of any kind. As I reflect upon my new state of being, I feel a sensation of rapid motion and I'm instantly back within my physical body.

Lying still and reviewing my experience, I'm struck by an inescapable conclusion: I must possess multiple energy bodies.  The form I just experienced was noticeably lighter (less dense) than even my second non physical body.  I realize that the traditional view of our possessing two bodies - a physical body and a spiritual body - is far too simplistic; we are much more complex than this. Just as there are multiple non physical energy dimensions within the universe, each of us must consist of multiple energy-bodies or vehicles of expression.

Now I seriously wonder just how many non physical bodies or forms this involves. I suspect that there must be one within each dimension of the universe and that all of these are inter related and connected, just as the physical body is connected to its first non physical (spiritual) body.

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Buhlman, William

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