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Out of body - willing a location

Once out of body, it is possible by thinking of a location or a person to will yourself there.  The command or thought has to be simple and in the present tense, it appears as though the picture you have in your thoughts is possibly more important than a word, the pattern matching [if this is how it is done] is more precise around images - analogously like fingerprint software.  The following is helpful

From William Buhlman – The Secret of the Soul

For years I have taught a method for directly contacting our loved ones, or any other non physical intelligence. It is easy to do once you are comfortable with the techniques of out-of-body exploration. The key is to focus your complete, undivided attention on the person or spirit you wish to meet.

 -  After the initial separation, move away from the body and say, "Awareness now!" Repeat this request until your state of consciousness and your vision are as clear as possible.

 - Focus your complete attention upon the person you desire to meet and communicate with. Ideally you picture this person in your mind as you announce their name or relationship and your intention - for example, "Now I meet my sister (name)!'  or  ‘I will meet my mother now! " Be specific, and repeat your request as often as needed.

 - Be prepared for a sense of motion or a change of environment. Also be aware that your departed loved one will often appear younger and sometimes different than they were in the physical.

 - If your vision or hearing is unclear, remember to demand an enhancement of your perceptions: "Clarity now!" or "Awareness now!" Keep all requests in the present tense, and be extremely focused.

 - Be open, and expect to receive your request.

 - If you ever doubt the validity of the contact, simply demand personal verification: "'Whom or what do you represent? "



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