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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections – Mrs Olive Mytton-Hill of Edinburgh has multiple OBEs



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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections

Case No. 230 - Mrs Olive Mytton-Hill sent the following details to the present writer (in litt.):

About fifteen years ago I wrote of my experiences of astral travel to the Psychic News. It was put in print ... I travelled, in all, twelve times, unfortunately knowing little of psychic matters-a lecturer at the Psychic College, Edinburgh, frightened me so much that I refused to go on the thirteenth journey when offered.

About eighteen months after I lost my husband, I was sitting in my chair in my flat in Edinburgh. I began to hear a noise in both ears. ... Then my hair was fanned by a strong wind-so much so that a strand moved on my forehead.

I thought, "'What can this be?"

What happened was that I started tearing through the air at a tremendous speed. My eyes were tightly shut. Then the speed died and I stopped. I felt a hand on my back gently helping me into an upright position. This was my first travel.

Eventually I got to the stage when I said, 'I have been away long enough' and at once was on my way back. Of going back I never knew anything, until I arrived. The 'going' was rather unpleasant. ...

Often now I visit places but always during sleep. I remember every detail.

In answer to my questionnaire, Mrs Mytton-Hill said, "I had read no books about projection, nor indeed any books on such subjects," She 'visited' earth-scenes once only; other occasions represented astral travel. She continued,

The coming back was easy and pleasant: I just knew it was time and lost consciousness then found myself in my chair.

Everything was more vivid. The grass, for instance, was like velvet-all the same length and a wonderful green. There were no shadows.  These experiences made a deep impression on my mind-but I felt I must know more.

Replying to my enquiry No. 7 ("Do you remember details when 'out' better than details of daily life?') Mrs Mytton-Hill replied, "Yes !" She never thought that she might be dreaming and said,

I always knew I was out of my body and was somewhere-where, was a different matter.  Meeting my (deceased) husband made the greatest impression on my mind.

 ... Several times people seemed not to be conscious of my presence. Once I found myself in my mother's flat. I could not turn the door handle. .., I was careful never to look at my physical body: only once, quite recently, I did see it. ... Sometimes I went to strange places-sinister, a dark street which had tenement buildings.  I stood on the pavement, looking across. A man opened a door. I knew fear and immediately started on my return journey. I did not seek evidence that I was 'out' of my body-I always knew that I was 'out'.

Not very long after my husband died, l found myself walking across an expanse of grass. I saw my husband. He was sitting. I knelt down beside him. I waited for recognition, but he had his hands hanging limply between his knees and his head was slightly down. I said,

"George, dear !"

I felt he knew I was there but that he had no strength for movement. Then I said,

"Can I touch you?"

He said, "I suppose so" (though I did not hear his voice).

I immediately felt that he had somehow been "built up" for just this occasion: he was depressed beyond hope. Immediately I got back I thought, "I was sent there to help him realize where he was."

I wished that I could know how I appeared to him.

Mrs Mytton-Hill further said,

The experience of catalepsy occurred after my return to his cemetery (shortly after his passing). I was lying on my bed, not feeling very well. Suddenly I began to 'seize-up', so to speak, bit by bit and became rigid. Terrifying ! I was alone in the house but knew my daughter would shortly be home from school. I could think very clearly and remembered saying to myself, "Keep calm-surely this will pass; try to move one finger first." But I could not, and, to add to my horror someone or something seemed to be tugging, or trying to pull, something out of my head-at the soft part on the top.

Almost wildly, I thought, " If I let this go, I shall die. I must not let go, for my child's sake." In the end I won and very gradually my body wakened up.

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