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See also Creation and Destruction.

The continual creation and destruction of the Software in the spiritual world is perceived by spiritual travellers as a ‘wind’ or ‘breath’. 
This ‘wind’ – this flow of energy varies depending on how much creation and destruction is going on.  It can be ‘felt’ in a spiritual experience as gentle wind, moderate winds or a truly huge blast.  These fierce buffetings are often the result of rebirth experiences – see Types of Spiritual Experience.

This is where we get such expressions as ‘the breath of life’.

Normal wind effects

I think it very important to emphasise that many experience only gentle sensations of wind which have nothing to do with a rebirth experience. 
This is because there is a continual flow of spiritual energy from the centre down to us as spirit input and then back from us to the centre again as spirit output. This flow can simply be a result of the creation of our perceptions – the more we perceive things the greater the flow ‘upwards’ – see Perceptions.

Thus our thoughts and prayers etc go up and may be experienced as ‘wind’, whilst  intuition, inspiration, healing energy and so on come ‘down’ towards us and also may be experienced as a blast of cool air.  However, if we are really not that well, the strength moves up and notch and may be felt as quite strong gusts. 

Mild wind effects are often perceived by those taking drugs, although if the drugs are doing damage [destruction of software] stronger winds may be felt ………..

Sage Spirit -  Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience – Dr Martin Ball
The Shaping of the wind is a phrase that I felt described this aspect of the experience, and I often think of the feeling of the sage moving through me as a wind or breeze

Slightly stronger effects

Slightly stronger spiritual effects can be achieved by an impression of a wind which sweeps the person clean or which has the effect of clearing or cleansing.  Wind appears to be particularly used as a precursor to later more traumatic rebirth experiences, as a first cleanse, so to speak, or it may be used after one or more rebirths have been experienced as a sort of redoing of the process.

Full and violent rebirth experiences

Really strong winds can allegorically feel as if you have been ‘shipwrecked’. 


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