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S'RÎMAD BHÂGAVATAM – Canto 10, Chapter 20 – Autumn in Vrindâvana



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Chapter 20: The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vrindâvana*


(32) With Râma and Kes'ava residing this way in Vraja, the fall season manifested itself in full with a cloudless sky, the clearest water and a gentle wind.

(33) In autumn the lotuses regenerated and the bodies of water regained their original state [of purity], just as the minds of the fallen are restored by the practice of devotional service.

(34) Autumn put an end to the clouds in the sky, cleared the turbid water, dried the muddy condition of the earth and stopped the increase of animals, the way devotion for Lord Krishna puts an end to the troubles of all the spiritual departments [the status groups or âs'ramas].

(35) The clouds that had given all they had, shone with an effulgence as pure as the effulgence of the sages who, having forsaken desires, freed from sins found peace.

(36) At one moment the mountains released their pure water while at another moment they did not, just as the nectar of spiritual knowledge only at times is bestowed by the jñânis [the spiritual philosophers].

(37) The ones moving in shallow waters [the fish] could not appreciate that the water became less and less [after the rains], just like foolish people in a family setting do not appreciate the every day further diminishing of their life span.

(38) Moving in shallow water they because of the autumn sun experienced hardship, just as a destitute man occupied by his family life feels miserable when he has no control over his senses.

(39) Gradually the land had to give up its mud and the plants had to give up their unripe condition [of bearing no fruits], just like the sober ones have to give up the egotism and possessiveness of being focussed on the non-spiritual nature of the material body and what belongs to it.

(40) With the arrival of fall the waters became motionless and the ocean became quiet, just as a fully renounced sage desists from actions and [further] acquiring knowledge

(41) The farmers contained the water of the rice fields with strong irrigation banks, the same way yogis stop the stream of consciousness that through the senses reaches outside.

(42) The moon removed the suffering of all living beings that was generated by the rays of the autumn sun, just like wisdom removes the suffering based on self-conceit with the body and the way Mukunda [returning home] puts an end to the misery of the ladies of Vraja.

(43) The cloudless sky of fall shone brilliantly clear full of stars, just like a mind moved by goodness radiates in the direct experience of the purport of the Vedas.

 (44) The moon and the stars shone unlimited forth in the sphere of the sky, just like the master of the Yadus, Krishna, did when He walked the earth surrounded by the circle of the Vrishnis

 (45) By embracing the wind that was not too cold and not too hot blowing from the flower-filled forest, the people could forget their hardship, but not so the gopîs whose hearts were stolen by Krishna.

(46) The cows, the doe, the she-birds and the women were receptive in autumn, just like deeds in service of the Supreme Lord are followed by their respective mates, the good results.

(47) Oh King, the lotuses, except for the night-blooming kumut lotus, bloomed abundantly at sunrise, just as the populace, except for the thieves, blossoms with a [righteous] king whom they do not fear.

(48) During all the harvest rituals, other mundane celebrations and great festivals in the towns and villages, the fertile earth rich with grains and especially with the two [of Krishna and Balarâma], shone beautifully as an expansion of  the Supreme Lord.

(49) The kings, the merchants, the renunciates and the initiated householders who were checked by the rains, now could venture to achieve their goals, just like those who attain the perfection of life find their ultimate form [svarûpa or form of service] when the time has come.'



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