Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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The Book of Taliesin - Torrit anuyndawl - Llyfr Taliesin XXV



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Torrit anuyndawl
Llyfr Taliesin XXV

Torrit anuyndawl
Tuth iawl dan yscawl.
Ef iolen o duch llawr
Tan tanhwytin gwawr
Uch awel uchel
Uch no phop nyfel
Mawr y anyfel.
Ny thric y gofel
No meithawr llyr.
Llyr llwybyr y tebyr
Dy var ygkynebyr
Gwawr gwen gwrthuchyr.
Wrth war wrth wrys
Wrth pop heuelis.
Wrth heuelis nwython
Wrth pedyr afaon.
Ardwyreafi a varn gwrys
Kadarn trydar dwfyn y gas.
Nyt mi gwr llwfyr llwyt
Crwybyr wrth clwyt.
Hut vyn deu garant.
Deu dich uwar dichwant
Om llaw yth law dyt dwy dim.
Trithri nodet
Atcor ar henet.
A march mayawc.
A march genethawc.
A march karadawc.
Kymrwy teithiawc.
A march gwythur.
A march gwardur.
A march arthur.
Ehofyn rodi cur.
A march taliessin.
A march lleu letuegin.
A phebyr llei llwynin.
A grei march cunin.
Kornan kyneiwawc
A wyd awydawc.
Du moreod enwawc.
March brwyn bro bradawc.
Ar tri carn aflawc.
Nyt ant gynt hilaw.
Kethin march keidaw.
Carn avarn arnaw.
Yscwydurith yscodic.
Gorwyd llemenic.
March ryderc rydic.
Llwyt lliw elleic.
A llamrei llawn elwic.
Affroenuoll gwyrenhic.
March sadyrnin.
A march custenhin.
Ac ereil yn trin
Rac tir all gwin.
Henwyn mat dyduc.
Kychwedyl o hiraduc.
Bum hwch bum bwch
Bum syw bum swch.
Bum bann bum banhwch.
Bum gawr ym rythwch.
Bum llif yn eirth 
Bum ton yn egheirth.
Bum yscafyn ysceinat dilyw.
Bum kath pennrith ar tri phreu.
Bum pell. bum pen.
Gafyr ar yscaw pren.
Bum garan gwala gwelet golwc.
Tragwres milet moryal.
Katwent kenedyl da.
Or yssyd is awyr gwedy kassolwn.
Nyt byw ormod meint am gwyr.


The Song of the Horses
Book of Taliesin XXV

It broke out with matchless fury.
The rapid vehement fire.
Him we praise above the earth,
Fire, the fiery meteor of the dawn.
Above the high gale,
Higher than every cloud.
Great his animal.
He will not delay
Nor the wedding-feast of Llyr.
His path is like a water-course,
Thy rage in the chief streams.
The dawn smiles, repelling gloom,
At the dawn with violence,
At every meet season,
At the meet season of his turnings,
At the four stages of his course,
I will extol him that judges violence,
Of the strong din, deep his wrath.
I am not a man, cowardly, gray,
A scum near the wattle.
The illusion of my two relatives,
Two groans of affliction without appetite.
From my hand to thy hand God will give naught.
Thrice three protections,
Returning to the old places,
With a steed used to the field.
And the steed of Genethawg,
And the steed of Caradawg,
Perfect for travelling.
And the steed of Gwythur,
And the steed of Gwarddur,
And the steed of Arthur.
Dauntless to cause an ache,
And the steed of Taliessin,
And the steed of Lieu half domesticated,
And of Pebyr, the dark gray of the grove.
And Grei, the steed of Cunin.
Cornan stubborn in the conflict,
Of ardent desires,
The Black, from the seas famous,
The steed of Brwyn, betrayer of the country.
And the three cloven-footed ones
They will not go a journey conveniently,
The terrible steed of Ceidaw,
A hoof with bribery on it.
Mottle-shouldered Ysgodig
The steed of Llemenig
The horse of Rhydderch Rhyddig
Of the gray colour of a pear.
And Llamre, full of inherent vigour,
And Froenvoll of a vigorous growth,
The steed of Sadyrnin,
And the steed of Constantine.
And others handling,
For the country, the smart of foreigners.
The good Henwyn brought
A tale from lliraddug.
I have been a sow, I have been a buck,
I have been a sage, I have been a snout,
I have been a horn, I have been a wild sow,
I have been a shout in battle.
I have been a torrent on the slope,
I have been a wave on the extended shore.
I have been the light sprinkling of a deluge,
I have been a cat with a speckled head on three trees.
I have been a circumference, I have been a head.
A goat on an elder-tree.
I have been a crane well filled, a sight to behold.
Very ardent the animals of Morial,
They kept a good stock.
Of what is below the air, say the hateful men,
Too many do not live, of those that know me.



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