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The Mithras Liturgy - Lines 535 to 555



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The "Mithras" Liturgy from the Paris Codex - Edited and Translated by Marvin W. Meyer

Draw in breath from the rays, drawing up three times as much as you can, and you will see yourself being lifted up and

(540) ascending to the height, so that you seem to be in mid-air. You will hear nothing either of man or of any other living thing, nor in that hour will you see anything of mortal affairs on earth, but rather you will see all immortal things. For in that day

(545) and hour you will see the divine order of the skies: the presiding gods rising into heaven, and others setting. Now the course of the visible gods will appear through the disk of god, my father; and in similar fashion the so-called "pipe"

(550), the origin of the ministering wind. For you will see it hanging from the sun's disk like a pipe. You will see the outflow of this object toward the regions westward, boundless as an east wind, if it be assigned to the regions of the East--and the other (viz. the west wind), similarly, toward its own

(555) regions. And you will see the gods staring intently at you and rushing at you.

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The Mithras Liturgy

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