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A Journey to Heaven, a Journey to Hell DOM by J. Andersen



Type of Spiritual Experience

Near death
Out of body

Number of hallucinations: 1



A description of the experience

A Journey to Heaven, a Journey to Hell


by J. Andersen

Citation:   J. Andersen. "A Journey to Heaven, a Journey to Hell: An Experience with DOM (ID 76814)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2010. erowid.org/exp/76814


DOSE: 10 mg oral DOM (capsule)



After obtaining two 10mg doses of DOM, I quickly began some research. I have done LSD, Mushrooms, and 2C-B in the past. But let me tell you, those experiences did not even prepare me for what I experienced on DOM.

Me and K took two capsules in the early afternoon. About an hour after ingestion, my stomach began to vibrate it seemed. Like I swallowed my cellphone. And everything just became, very, out of place. Not right. After sitting on World of Warcraft for about two hours. I look around, and everything is, normal. Just, a little different. Me and K go out to my car, and jam music. Music is sounding UNREAL! As I close my eyes, the music sounds as if it goes underwater. Making a *wawawawawawa* sound. I quickly catch myself, because I feel like I am sinking. We get out, I smoke a cig. And we are walking down my street. And we feel about 20 feet tall. Looking down my road, it looked like a very detailed painting. Everything was very flat and 2D. My friend A picks us up. We are driving and there were a whole truck load of colors that attacked me.

After arriving to The Plaza, I am tripping so hard. There is a tightness in my breath. Normal for tripping for me, maybe just anxiety. We go inside and I NEED music. We lay down on the couches in there and K says he feels just a little weird. Everything I look at is made up of yellow and pink dust. Like glitter! The ground, didn't melt like while on shrooms or acid. But it was so vivid. I laid down and analyzed it. It seemed as if two inches above the carpet, there was a small yellow foil print, covering the carpet. This is getting to be too much for me. It is getting hard to handle. So we get in the car again. And pop in some Angels and Airwaves and close my eyes. Closing my eyes allowed me to see the CLEAREST I have ever seem before.

'I held your hand, as I left the ground' As soon as that came on in my headphones, WOOOF! I was off, flying through endless skies. It was soo unreal. Bliss. Everything I saw, was made up of distinct colors. Not the normal. In the mirror, I looked like glitter. I could rub my hands together and watch the glitter fall. I was seeing colors I was eating too. I ate a bite of orange and, BOOM! Orange saturates my eyes. Drinking red Vitamin Water made me see red.

We get to a house, and I realize I have only been tripping for 1 hour, and realize I still got 9 more hours of this. I was overwhelmed. A drives me and K back to my house. I lay down in the back. And that is the last that I consciously remember. (I will get to the awakened dreams)

Waking up the next morning, I feel gross, hung over, barely breathing. I lost about 10 pounds. And I walk upstairs with my parents just glaring. I feel lost, asking how I got here. 'J, what did you take?' I asked what she meant. She told me not to play stupid. I walk back downstairs and in my room there are 3 holes in the walls and an almost broken window. I start to freak out.

After laying down, I must have slipped into a dream, that I could NOT get awakened from. I do not remember ANY thing after getting back home. However, I do remember the dreams, and one unreal experience. These dreams I was having, I was talking and screaming. But moving. Nothing I was seeing was reality. My friend K, who I hit several times, I thought he was someone else. In my dream, I do not know how I was moving. But I was running around my room, running into walls. Because what I saw was, open skies. These dreams I were having, were the scariest dreams ever. So real. And so gruesome. Kyle was pinning me down, because I was flailing around trying to wake up and see reality. When he did that, I could only see him getting ripped apart. Limb by limb.

The only time that I did see reality, for the most part. I was laying in my bed, and I finally could open my eyes. There are my parents and my uncle, sitting there. But I look up, and there is no ceiling, just birds and clear skies. The loudest music came out of no where, so uplifting. And everyone was saying that they were losing me. And I will be missed. And I got shot through the sky. I could FEEL the wind. Everything was so real. And I get to Heaven, there is God. His arm on my shoulder, and asks 'Its a beautiful sight, isn't it?'

It is now three days after the trip. And my heart is still very very weak. My veins are not as big, I really don't have much feeling. Overall, a very controlling experience. I will not do DOM again. Any dose.

Exp Year: 2009 ExpID: 76814
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Jan 16, 2010 Views: 14,896

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