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Zosimos of Panopolis - The Letter Omega - 11 and 12



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Phos = Lucifer - The name Lucifer is Latin and means "the bearer of light, the carrier of light.”

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Zosimos of Panopolis - The Letter Omega [translated by Howard M Jackson]

11. When Phos was in the Garden, spirited along on the wind, at the instigation of Fate they persuaded him, since he was innocent and unactivated to clothe himself with their Adam, who comes from Fate, who comes from the four elements. But Phos, for his innocence, did not refuse, and they began to exult to think that he had been made their slave.

12. Hesiod called the outer man “fetter" with which Zeus bound Prometheus. Then, after this fetter, Zeus set yet another fetter upon him Pandora whom the Hebrews call Eve. For Prometheus and Epimetheus are, by the allegorical method, a single man, that is, soul and body; and so Prometheus sometimes takes the form of soul, sometimes that of mind, and sometimes that of flesh because of Epimetheus' disregard when he disregarded the advice of Prometheus, his own foresight. For our Mind says: "The Son of God, being capable of everything and becoming everything, when he wills, as he wills, appears to each.''

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Zosimos of Panopolis

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