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Evelyn Lip - Chinese Geomancy



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Feng Shui attempts to recreate in landscape form, what is perceived to be the ideal state spiritually – to be in harmony with the spiritual laws, to site buildings, to build structures and to arrange objects in the landscape which appear to conform to the way landscapes appear symbolically in dreams and visions etc.

The system is most closely related - after all the upheavals of the Revolution - with Qigong, although it has also impacted Shinto as well.

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Chinese Geomancy – Evelyn Lip

The Encyclopaedia Sinica gives the following definition 'Feng Shui – wind and water, the outward and visible signs of celestial yang and yin; the art of adapting the residence of the living and the dead so as to harmonise with cosmic breath'.........

 Feng Shui originated in China a few thousand years ago, spread to Japan and was adopted and used for the orientation of the imperial palaces.  In traditional China, the concept of the location of buildings and dwelling units had great importance.  There must be a prescribed siting, dimensioning and orientation of a town or even a dwelling.  To the north the site should be hilly or have a mountainous shield to ward off evil influences.  The dead should be buried on a south facing slope as it receives the summer sun.  The front of a site should preferably face south.  It should always have an unhindered view which would include a stream or the sea.  The back of a site should always be to the north and should be blocked.  Left then should be east and right the west


An old legend reveals that in ancient times there grew on Mount Du Su in the north eastern sea a huge blossom tree which covered an area of a few thousand square miles.  The lowest branches inclined to the north east and all those who went near were devoured by demons.  The evil spirits were later conquered by the good spirits called Shen Shu and Yu Lei.  Since then people have painted the portraits of these good spirits on their main doors to ward off evil influences, they are called 'door gods'.


it is necessary to apply the theory of yin and yang when placing the well or source of water supply.  According to geomancers the water in the well is yin and the fire of the stove is yang.  Yin and yang are opposite principles.  To place a stove next to a well is unwise as calamity might befall the tenants

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