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Blithe spirit - The exit of the giants August 2015



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 1


I can call it no other than an hallucination, but it was experienced via no substance at all and no activity other than being where we are.  Furthermore this was a physical experience but with added symbolic meaning.

Addition*** I have since discovered from our window cleaner that our entire area was filled with wind funnels and mini tornadoes during this episode - they were witnessed from people standing on the hills about three miles away watching the storm and they witnessed numerous small tornades all hoveing above ground level just below the clouds

A description of the experience

It has been a very strange week.  It started when our brave male dog started to become very agitated.  He howled, he pawed at the door, night and day, he whined and squeaked. He spent a lot of the time looking out of the windows [large floor length giving a view onto the garden] desperately trying to make me see what he could see.  The frustration was intense. A border collie does not whine and squeak normally and ours does not howl either – a wolf howl.  We assumed a lady dog was on heat, we were wrong.

Then my psoriasis started to get really bad, flaring, bleeding itching and spreading.  I was in pain, every joint ached and in addition I had this sense of something powerful something intangible around me.  Like being put next to a very strong radio transmitter or a Van der Graaf generator, my whole body seemed to be vibrating to a new frequency and I was not well.

Then the perfume.  It filled the air, it was intense.  My husband could not smell it, and although I did not ask, no one else seemed to smell it either, because no one else mentioned it.  It was indescribable, in that it was of no known smell I could liken it too.  Pine and maybe mint, fresh, intense, it filled my mouth and I was reminded of the poem by Walt Whitman:
I breathe the fragrance myself, and know it and like it,
The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it

It was in my mouth too I could almost taste it, it was so strong, in fact at times I could taste it.

Next came the storms.  Awe inspiring deep blue black thunder clouds with quick flashes of lightning directly overhead, thunder loud enough to shake the windows.  M** [dog] and I stood by the window and I talked to him the whole time in a calm low voice to try to reassure him, because he gets quite frightened with very loud bangs, and he was agitated enough already; but he was apparently mesmerised by the whole thing and seemed to be watching things exit from the ground, his eyes kept following things upwards into the clouds.  The sun came out and there was an arced rainbow that was complete at one stage. 

It was stunning, beautiful, awe inspiring.

And just as the storm abated along came the birds.  We have three bird feeders positioned just outside this big floor length window, and we always get a lot of birds in an almost continuous stream.  But the number of birds that amassed as the storm started to move away was awe inspiring – we could hear the singing and chirping from inside and the window is double glazed.  Some flew against the window.  All the trees and bushes were alive with birds.

As a finale, a tree of some considerable proportions – old – admittedly partly rotten, but massive – appeared to have been pushed over during all this. It was not stuck by lightning, there was hardly any wind, in fact it was very very still at one stage and a light breeze only sparng up at the end of the storm as it moved away. 

The tree was pushed into the field and not into the lane.  It was leaning into the lane and the prevailing wind [what little there was] should have pushed it into the lane, but no it ‘fell’ [was pushed] into the field.

Even my rational neighbours [two families on the same lane] and husband could not find an explanation for that one.  It was labelled a ‘freak occurrence’.

And now, a few days later, the 'feeling' has gone.  My psoriasis is starting to die down, M*** is calm and at peace, the immense sense of power has largely gone – although this place has a permanent sense of power anyway, as if we are on a wormhole to other worlds.  I get the sense always of energy rushing through, as if someone has let the window open and the wind is blowing in.  That is still there, but the vast power unleashed over the past week is gone.

I think we live on a portal and what we – Muffin and I experienced over the last week was the release of new earth forces – the frost giants!  No I’m joking, but they were definitely giants, definitely giants, and now they are spreading abroad.

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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