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Living in a stone built house

Category: Events


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

Generally speaking a person living over a fault line experiences very little from the movement of the earth’s crust unless there is major movement – an event I have classified and described elsewhere under the heading of earthquakes.  If an earthquake occurs one can get a spiritual experience via the electric currents generated or via the infrasound waves.

But things can change substantially if they live in a stone built house and a stone house whose rock is full of quartz, because quartz is able to hold electric charge. 


In order to provide an example I am going to home in on a specific area as an example – The Pennines

Photo: author's

The Pennines in the UK are a range of hills that stretch like a spine down the backbone of England.  One area of the Pennines is now known as a ‘Spiritual window’ meaning it has a really enviable reputation for producing numerous spiritual experiences, from ghosts, to UFOs, to light balls and apparitions – hallucinations, visions and dreams.

What marks this area out, is that it is found on an area of extremely high numbers of fault lines and in addition, many of the houses are built from millstone grit which contains quartz.

     Left is a photo of Todmorden in the Pennines. 

How it works

Quartz has piezoelectric properties.  Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress. 

The underlying rock in the Pennines is under continual pressure, furthermore because it is in an area of high fault lines, it is also under strain and tending to shear and move.  In some areas, high electric charge is then built up and this charge can be conducted via the same millstone blocks to houses, such that the houses appear to be filled with static electricity.  A wall built from stone blocks is itself under stress, so extra charge may be generated by the weight of the house walls themselves.  Some mill houses are three storeys and also have stone roofs, so the weight being carried is extreme.

When they took the stone roof off our house in order to replace it, the whole house moved, none of the doors would fit anymore and cracks appeared on the walls, so you can see that even without the links to the underlying rock, a house built of this material can generate quite a charge which, if it is not ‘grounded’, can accumulate and produce either physical oddities, like frequent blown light bulbs,  light balls or static mists; or act like static electricity [follow the link for a full explanation] in inducing a spiritual experience.

Thus where a spiritual experience occurs it is via the build-up of electric charge in the house and its transference to the person. 

The effect then occurs via Stimulation via resonance.

References and further reading

Please note that 'living in a stone built house' may produce both positive and negative experiences and thus strictly speaking it could by classified as both the suppression [heaven] and overload [hell] sections, as it may be one or the other! 

If too many telluric currents are crossing your path, it can produce illness.  A black stream is a telluric current, or a collection of telluric currents whose influence is ‘black’, negative. They may promote aggression, cause ill-health and malaise or reduce the fertility of the soil. They are sometimes created accidentally by ill-informed land management or the removal of stones that played a key part in ancient times at keeping the currents ‘sweet’.

On the other hand just the right number of lines of force and it has some very positive effects.  

Thus one has to be careful with how this activity is viewed and one of the reasons it is in the event section and not the action section is that we are not sure it should be deliberately used - on the other hand you may simply be living in a stone built house already and would quite like to know why these strange things are happening to you.


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