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This is very funny in a macabre sort of way.  It doesn't pay to be a clever Seer, though the reaction seems a little over the top.

The rationale for why I have said the source is Robert Kirk is provided in the description for him.    The English or Scottish is as it is in the account only the 's' has been changed to be an 's', in the original it looks like an 'f'.  I have not used capital letters either - the entire text had each noun in capitals

A description of the experience

The Secret Commonwealth - Robert Kirk 1691

It is notoriously known what in Killin, within Perthshire, befell tragically out with a yeoman that liv'd hard by. 

Coming into a companie within ane alehouse where a seer sat at table, that at the sight of the intrant  neighbour, the seer starting, rose to go out of the house.

On being asked the reason of his hast, he told that the intrant man should die within two days.

At this news the named entrant stabb'd the seer.

He was himself executed two days after for the fact.

The source of the experience

Kirk, the Reverend Robert

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