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Andrew Lang - Jonka Dyneis sees a tragedy



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In Andrew Lang's book he describes the case of Jonka Dyneis who was executed for witchcraft in Scotland in 1616.  The only crime that Jonka was found guilty of was equivalent to an out of body experience or a vision in which she 'saw' her husband in his fishing boat in dire peril six miles from their home.

I have assumed the same mechanisms as those listed by the Reverend Robert Kirk [see entry on this site] when he examined other Scottish cases.

A description of the experience

Andrew Lang – the Maid of France

Jonka was found and seen standing at her own house wall, in a trance, that same hour he was in danger, and being trapped, she could not give the answer, but stood as one bereft of senses; and when she was asked why she was so moved, she answered - 'if our boat be not lost she is in great hazard'.

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Lang, Andrew

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