Spiritual concepts


A Giant is an Intelligence with a very large number of functions.

To understand the concept of a Giant we need to go back to the Intelligence hierarchy.  All Spirit Entities see Spirit Entity - can create subtypes of themselves and they are organised into a hierarchy .  I have repeated the very simplistic diagram which shows the principle of the Entity hierarchy, but added a few more layers above .  The letters are functions.  The top level contains all function.  At the next level down the functions have been divided, with a certain number of shared functions between each Intelligence/Entity.

Only the Intelligences at the bottom of the hierarchy with relatively few functions are able to produce physical copies of themselves; at the higher levels in the hierarchy you have Intelligences that not only have never been physical but contain a vast number of functions– extremely powerful ‘large’ in the sense of its functional diversity .  These are the Giants shown circled in red. 



 Thus the top Intelligence in the hierarchy – the Ultimate Intelligence - of the hierarchy contains all function .  The next level below this then gets a subset of function  - these are the Giants.

NOTE:  There is good evidence that a race of extremely large people did, at one time, exist.  We have included information about these physical as opposed to conceptual people under the heading of the Ancestors.


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