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Choking on sugar



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This description was provided by a 23 year old Iowa housewife

She makes a number of assumptions based on her belief system so we need to ignore these, she was guided and she saw a purple light.  The guide could have been a spirit helper or her own Higher spirit.

A description of the experience

‘I was choking – had sugar in my windpipe.  First, I struggled for breath and then suddenly all pain and panic ceased.  All was intensely dark and cool.  Someone met me, held onto my right elbow and forearm and guided me as we walked or floated down this long hallway.  It seemed windy, but I couldn’t actually feel the wind.

Just about then, I began to see the most beautiful, vivid purplish colour of radiating light.  It was just around a corner, and I couldn’t wait to round the corner and see what I knew would be God.  I never made that bend because I was revived.  There was such an overwhelming feeling of love and brotherhood, such acceptance and total tranquillity.  Total well being.  It’s so very hard to describe this with mere words.  I believe I was met by my grandfather, who had died well over 10 years earlier.

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From Adventures in Immortality – George Gallup