Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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The Book of Taliesin - Kanu Ygwynt - Llyfr Taliesin XVII



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is about our Higher spirit, which is why I have labelled the experience as ecstasy, it was written from wisdom of what it feels like.

I am a bit confused about the pairing of the two versions, but this was what was on Mary Jones' website.

A description of the experience


Kanu Ygwynt
Llyfr Taliesin XVII

Kanu Ygwynt. CCC. ATAL.

Dechymic pwy yw.
Creadt kyn dilyw.
Creadur kadarn
Heb gic heb ascwrn.
Heb wytheu heb waet.
Heb pen aheb traet.
Ny bed hyn ny byd ieu.
No get y dechreu.
Ny daw oe odeu
Yr ofyn nac agheu.
Ny dioes eisseu
Gan greaduryeu.
Mawr Duw mor wynneu
Ban daw o dechreu.
Mawr y verth ideu
Y gwr ae goreu.
Ef ymaes ef ygkoet
Heb law a heb troet.
Heb heneint heb hoet.
Heb eidigaf adoet.
Ac ef yn gyfoet
A phymhoes pymhoet.
A heuyd yssyd hyn
Pet pemhwnt ulwydyn.
Ac ef yn gyflet.
Ac wyneb tytwet.
Ac ef ny anet.
Ac ef ny welet.
Ef ar vor ef ar tir
Ny wyl ny welir.
Ef yn aghywir
Ny daw pan vynnir.
Ef ar tir ef ar vor
Ef yn anhebcor.
Ef yn diachor
Ef yn dieissor.
Ef o pedeiror
Ni byd wrth gyghor
Ef kychwyn agor
O duch maen mynuor
Ef llafar ef mut.
Ef yn anuynut.
Ef yn wrd ef yn drut.
Pan tremyn trostut.
Ef mut ef llafar.
Ef yn ordear.
Mwyhaf y vanyar
Ar wyneb dayar.
Ef yn da ef yn drwc.
Ef yn angelwc.
Ef yn anamlwc.
Kanys gwyl golwc.
Ef yn drwc ef yn da.
Ef hwnt ef yma.
Ef a antrefna
Ni diwc awna.
Oc ef yn dibech
Ef yn wlyp ef yn sych.
Ef a dawyn vynych.
O wres heul. ac oeruel lloer.
Lloer yn anlles
Handit llei y gwres.
Vu gwr ae goreu.
Yr holl greaduryeu.
Ef bieu dechreu.
A diwed diheu.
A diwed diheu.
Nyt kerdawr keluyd.
Ny mohwy dofyd.
Nyt kywir keinyat.
Ny molhwy y tat.
Ny nawt vyd aradyr.
Heb heyrn heb hat
Ny bu oleuat.
Kyn ile creat.
Ny byd effeirat.
Ny bendicco auyrllat.
Ny wybyd anygnat.
Y seith lauanat.
Deg wlat darmerthat.
Yn e gylawr wlat.
Decuet digarat.
Digarwys eu tat.
Digaru kawat
Yn rwy rewinyat.
Llucuffer llygrat.
Eissor eissyflat
Seith seren yssyd.
O seithnawn dofyd.
seon sywedyd.
A wyr eu defnyd
Marca mercedus.
Ola olimus
Luna lafurus.
Jubiter, venerus.
O heul o hydyruer
Yt gyrch lloer llenfer.
Nyt cof yn ofer.
Nyt croc ny creter.
An tat an pater.
An kar an kymer.
Yn ren nyn ranher
Gan lu llucuffer.


Song to the Wind
Book of Taliesin XVII 

Guess who it is.
Created before the deluge.
A creature strong,
Without flesh, without bone,
Without veins, without blood,
Without head, and without feet.

It will not be older, it will not be younger,
Than it was in the beginning.

There will not come from his design
Fear or death.
He has no wants
From creatures.

Great God! the sea whitens
The tenth were discarded,
They loved not their Father.
A loveless shower
In utter ruin.

Llucufer the corrupter,
Like his destitute country
Seven stars there are,
Of the seven gifts of the Lord.
The student of the stars
Knows their substance.

Marca mercedus
Ola olimus
Luna lafurus
Jubiter venerus

From the sun freely flowing
The moon fetches light.

Remembrance is not in vain,
No cross if not believed.

Our Father! Our Father!
Our relative and companion.
Our Sovereign, we shall not be separated.
By the host of Llucufer.



The source of the experience


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