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Monroe, Robert - Possesses a sick man out of body



Type of Spiritual Experience


Robert Monroe started to get out of body experiences by accident using hemi-sync technology.  He eventually found out what caused them and also managed to reproduce them, but because he had never studied or been taught the techniques, he was a complete novice at directing his travel, manoevering and directing his ‘flight’.

In the following example he inadvertently ‘possesses’ albeit very temporarily a sick man – or at least an unconscious man.

The technology being used was hemi-sync

A description of the experience

Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

8/17/60 Night

This was a misdirected attempt, to understate by an incalculable margin. I went through the 1-20/LQ procedure at around 11.30 pm, in the bedroom.

I went out with the thought of visiting Agnew Bahnson, and started on the wind-blown type of trip, but returned to the physical almost immediately - or so I thought. I wasn't lying in bed, I was standing.

The room wasn't my room.

A man, big and round-shouldered, was supporting me on my left. He was much taller than l, and his shoulders seemed to glisten. Holding me up on my right was a young girl. They were forcing me to walk around the room, and I was having difficulty walking, so they were half-supporting me under each arm.

I heard them comment about my hands, that there was something wrong or unusual about them. They were not unfriendly, but I knew positively that I was in the wrong place! I kept my head, luckily, and employed the stretch and shot up out of wherever and whatever I was, and after only a moment or two, merged again with a physical body.

I looked around carefully (physically) before I moved.  I was back in my own physical body, my own bedroom.  It was a long time before I turned over and was able to get to sleep!

The source of the experience

Monroe, Robert

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