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Rig veda - Those who know have wings



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All of these observations are describing forms of out of body experience 

A description of the experience

The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Let your swift gliding teams bring you here.  Flying swiftly with your arms, come forward.  Sit down on the sacred grass; a wide seat has been made for you… drink in ecstasy from the sweet juice............

‘Among all things that fly the mind is the swiftest..............

Pancavimsa Brahmana
Those who know have wings

The Rig Veda
The celestial coursers, revelling in their strength, fly in a line like wild geese, the ends held back while the middle surges forward, when the horses reach the racecourse of the sky
Your body flies swift runner; your spirit rushes like wind.  Your mane, spread in many directions, flickers and jumps about in the forests.....
The swift runner has come to the highest dwelling place, to his father and mother.  May he go to the gods today and be most welcome, and then ask for the things that the worshipper wishes for.

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Rig veda, the

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